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June 6, 2008

Step by Step: Create your first Animated Flash Banner

by @ 2:45 pm. Filed under Flash Industry News

Animated banners are a very common implementation of Flash. Increasingly, as browsers become more compatible and advertisers become more sophisticated, Flash is selected as the optimal medium to capture user interest and convert leads. Therefore, it is important for designers and Flash coders to know how to create a good Flash banner.

Where to begin?

We found an excellent tutorial at that takes a user step by step through the flash banner creation process. Screenshots and detailed instructions are included. The tutorial is meant for the beginner with little or no experience using Flash to create images. Additionally, details about how to animate the image are included.

The only prerequisite for the tutorial is some experience with Fireworks CS3, although in our opinion this is not necessary.

The tutrorial proceeds in a good logical fashion: Opening your document, creating the banner size (468×60 in the tutuorial), creating your timeline, using layers for graphical effects, layered animation effects, and text and image layer manipulation.

Have fun: Creating Your First Animated Flash Banner

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