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April 17, 2008

Flash Shortcut Keys

by @ 3:10 pm. Filed under Flash Articles, Flash Tips

The following is a list of shortcut keys that I find most used in Flash. These are the same for Flash 5, Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, Flash 8. I have denoted these shortcuts using a PC. If your using a MAC, just change the CTRL to COMMAND.


Flash Selection Tool Selection Tool – V
Flash Sub Selection Tool Sub Selection Tool – A
Flash Free Transform Tool Free Transform Tool – Q
Flash Gradient Transform Tool Gradient Transform Tool – F
Flash Line Tool Line Tool – N
Flash Lasso Tool Lasso Tool – L
Flash Pen Tool Pen Tool – P
Flash Text Tool Text Tool – T
Flash Oval Tool Oval Tool – O
Flash Rectangle Tool – R
Flash Pencil Tool Pencil Tool – Y
Flash Brush Tool Brush Tool – B
Flash Ink Bottle Tool Ink Bottle Tool – S
Flash Paint Bucket Tool Paint Bucket Tool – K
Eyedropper ToolFlash Eyedropper Tool – I
Flash Eraser ToolFlash Eraser Tool – E

Zoom In – CTRL + ‘+’
Zoom Out – CTRL + ‘-’


Add Frame – F5
Delete Frame – SHIFT + F5
Add Key Frame – F6
Add Blank Key Frame – F7

Symbol (MovieClip, Button, Graphic)

Turn Into Symbol – F8
Insert New Symbol – CTRL + F8


New Document – CTRL + N
Open Document – CTRL + O
Close Document – CTRL + W
Close All – CTRL + ALT + W
Save – CTRL + S
Save as… – CTRL + SHIFT + S
Import to Stage – CTRL + R
Publish – SHIFT + F12
Exit – CTRL + Q

Modifying and Editing

Undo – CTRL + Z
Redo – CTRL + Y

Cut – CTRL + X
Copy – CTRL + C
Paste – CTRL + V
Paste in Place – CTRL + SHIFT + V

Testing Your Movie

Test Movie – CTRL + ENTER
Debug Movie – CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

Alright I think that covers it. I’ve been meaning to put this up for a long time and finally its here. Comment on this if you want to add any Flash Shortcut Keys that you use frequently.

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