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April 17, 2008

Protocol for Working with Clients

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The following is a list of thing to consider while working with clients on web design projects.

1. Communication is Key: Build a good relationship with your clients. Be positive, be friendly and most importantly be yourself. Make sure that you don’t loose communication half way through a project, be persistant.

2. Document Everything: Make sure you carefully document all changes, re-negotiations, and anything else that you may need to refer to at a later time.

3. Online Asset Sharing:
Use BaseCamp, NetOffice (free) or phpCollab to share files and collaborate with others on a project.

4. Contract: Devise a contract that is legally binding. A laywer would be useful for this.

5. Client should pay at least 30% of the total bill before project is started. This insures that you will get paid and that they will follow through on the project because they’ve already got a vested interest in it.

6. Client Questionnaire: This is a questionnaire to figure out exactly what the client wants out of the project. Things included in this are design preferences, expectations, and what they hope to accomplish with this project.

7. Deliverables: site map, content guide, and the overall design. Always present these in person or a conference call rather than by email. You want to be in control of the design perception and real interaction is required. This allows you to answer questions right away and get started on the first round of modifications. Typically there will be at least 2 or 3 rounds of deliverables before completion.

8. Test, Test, Test
: Test your design on all browsers across all platforms.

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