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April 17, 2008

Urgent Flash Bulletin: New IE Upgrade May Break Your Flash Files

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Microsoft is expected to release a windows update for Internet Explorer 6 early this year that will change the way some active-x controls are handled. This will affect Flash, Quicktime, and various other plugins. Some functionality will be lost in your online Flash movies unless you implement some changes to your files.

Any embedded active-X objects (Flash, Quicktime, etc) will not be active unless the user first clicks on them. In other words, your Flash content will not be active (or be reactive) until the user clicks on the content box. So mouse-over effects and rollovers will not work until the user click on the Flash content at least once.

Adobe provides a solution involving javascript. And more information about this can be found here.

Microsoft had a Lawsuit against them for trying to implement something similar in 2004. Well it seems they found a way to around the law (once again) which allows them to do this. I think this is going to lead more people to start using Mozilla FireFox.

Personally, I really don’t know why anyone who know anything about the internet would still be using Internet Explore. FireFox is much much better. Aside from being more secure and faster, it does a better job at displaying pages. It also has built in pop-up blockers and many other useful features including the google toolbar that Internet Explorer simply doesn?t have.

Actionscript 2.0 Cheatsheet

by @ 3:16 pm. Filed under Flash Articles, Site News

I just found an Actionscript 2.0 cheatsheet. What a great resource! You can download it as gif, jpg, or a pdf. A big thank-you goes out to Sean Moore for creating this valuable resource. I have it taped to my desk permanently, I’ve also added it to my links in the right-column. The cheatsheet can be found here.

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