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April 17, 2008

Which Scrollbar Navigation is Best?

by @ 3:13 pm. Filed under Flash Articles, Flash Usability Blog

When developing Flash Websites and applications you will occasionally have to insert a scrollbar. In terms of usability, it is a good idea to use a scrollbar that your users are used to. Everyone who has used the internet has used the scrollbar located in their internet browser (Firefox, or IE). Therefore this is a good standard scrollbar to use especially when developing applications.

However, there are instances where you will want to have your own ‘cool’ looking scrollbar. If you are developing a site for a movie or a game where you want to portray a certain look or feel then it is okay to use your own custom scrollbar. Just be careful and don’t stray too far from the norm or else you users won’t know how to use your navigation and that can make your project unusable and therefore useless.

Strike up Another one for Flash

by @ 3:12 pm. Filed under Flash Articles, Flash Usability Blog

This is another post about why online Flash Applications are better and more usable than online HTML applications. If you are using a wireless connection or even just an unstable connection then there is potential to loose your connection from time to time. If your in the middle of filling out an HTML based form or application and you loose your connection then all of your session data will be lost and you’ll have to start the process over.
This does not happen with Flash-based applications, you will retain all of the current state information offline. When you get back online you can continue using the application without loosing the data that you?ve entered in. This is just another reason why Flash is more usable than HTML for online application development.

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