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April 17, 2008

Search Engine Optimization for Flash Sites

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Earlier this year Google adapted so that it would actually search some of the content contained in Flash Movies (swfs). Below are some interesting articles about optimizing you Flash Sites for Google and other search engines embracing Flash:

How to Design Flash Pages for Google
A modern approach to Flash SEO
How to SEO Flash

Flash Shortcut Keys (Flash MX, Flash 8, etc)

by @ 3:13 pm. Filed under Flash Articles, Flash Usability Blog

The following is a list of shortcut keys that I find most used in Flash. These are the same for Flash 5, Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, Flash 8. I have denoted these shortcuts using a PC. If your using a MAC, just change the CTRL to COMMAND.


Flash Selection Tool Selection Tool – V
Flash Sub Selection Tool Sub Selection Tool – A
Flash Free Transform Tool Free Transform Tool – Q
Flash Gradient Transform Tool Gradient Transform Tool – F
Flash Line Tool Line Tool – N
Flash Lasso Tool Lasso Tool – L
Flash Pen Tool Pen Tool – P
Flash Text Tool Text Tool – T
Flash Oval Tool Oval Tool – O
Flash Rectangle Tool – R
Flash Pencil Tool Pencil Tool – Y
Flash Brush Tool Brush Tool – B
Flash Ink Bottle Tool Ink Bottle Tool – S
Flash Paint Bucket Tool Paint Bucket Tool – K
Eyedropper ToolFlash Eyedropper Tool – I
Flash Eraser ToolFlash Eraser Tool – E

Zoom In – CTRL + ‘+’
Zoom Out – CTRL + ‘-’


Add Frame – F5
Delete Frame – SHIFT + F5
Add Key Frame – F6
Add Blank Key Frame – F7

Symbol (MovieClip, Button, Graphic)

Turn Into Symbol – F8
Insert New Symbol – CTRL + F8


New Document – CTRL + N
Open Document – CTRL + O
Close Document – CTRL + W
Close All – CTRL + ALT + W
Save – CTRL + S
Save as… – CTRL + SHIFT + S
Import to Stage – CTRL + R
Publish – SHIFT + F12
Exit – CTRL + Q

Modifying and Editing

Undo – CTRL + Z
Redo – CTRL + Y

Cut – CTRL + X
Copy – CTRL + C
Paste – CTRL + V
Paste in Place – CTRL + SHIFT + V

Testing Your Movie

Test Movie – CTRL + ENTER
Debug Movie – CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

Alright I think that covers it. I’ve been meaning to put this up for a long time and finally its here. Comment on this if you want to add any Flash Shortcut Keys that you use frequently.

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