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April 17, 2008

Flash Tip #3: Always Comment Your Code

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When developing websites and applications in Flash that have more than a few lines of actionscript it is always a good idea to include comments in your code. This is important so that other project members can understand your code and also so that you can understand your code at a later time. I refer back to my old projects all the time and if I didn’t comment them in the first place the time to understand these old projects would easily be doubled.

There are two ways to comment your code in Flash:

// this is a regular comment.

This is a block comment.
It can be many lines long.
These quote are often useful when debugging because you
can disable big chunks of code while testing other parts.

Flash Tip #2: Always Use Flash Plugin Detection

by @ 3:08 pm. Filed under Flash Articles, Flash Tips

When designing websites in Flash, you should always use some method of Flash plugin detection. If a potential user of your site doesn’t have the right version of Flash, they will see nothing… a blank screen!

When designing a Flash plugin detection method, you will include the option to download the most recent version of Flash if the user cannot view your site. I have a tutorial posted for Flash 8 Plugin Detection, a Flash MX tutorial is on my to do this.

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